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Ortofon RMG309 fix

Simple fix for sagging counterweight on Ortofontonearms
When I acquired my RMG309 a nylon tie was wrapped to support the sagging counterweight due to a deteriorated rubber tube that decouples the counterweight from the rest of the tone arm assembly. Since I was restoring an SME 3009 that had the same problem I ordered an extra set of rubber decoupling tube which fits the Ortofon but was too soft to support the more massive counterweight. What is required is a harder type of rubber tubing available from an auto supply.

Fixing the problem is very simple. To disassemble, loosen set screw [1] to release the spring, set screw [2] to remove the counter weight and then carefully pull out the short aluminum tube [3]. Remove all the deteriorated rubber inside the short aluminum tube [3] as well as on the other end towards the gimbal bearing tower [6]. Using fine sandpaper sprayed with a burst of WD40 clean the short metal shaft [4] until it is smooth and shiny. This will later be force fit into …

G. A. Briggs - Evolution of the Wharfedale SFB3 Open Baffle

Lifted from a post at the High Efficiency Speaker Asylum
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JE Labs Open Baffle

JE Labs collection of idler turntables

Cheaper alternatives to the Garrard 301/401 and Thorens TD124

Made in Switzerland with high quality main bearing and motor. Very quiet once serviced and refined sounding. Earlier models were branded Bogen in the USA. 
But just like the Rek O Kuts, condition of the idler wheel is of paramount importance to ensure up to spec performance.

In my experience the later type idler wheel (top) is very durable and have never had to have them refurbished. However the earlier type with a plastic wheel (found in earlier Bogen B60-62 models like below) has always been problematic (hardens with age) and sent them out for resurfacing. 
I have high regard for the tonearm that came with the L70/B60-B62.
This is a very refined sounding turntable!
Lenco B55 (budget model) has a lighter platter but has interchangeable parts (idler wheel and motor) with the heavier platter models.
Early budget model with light platter, no interchangeable parts with later models.
More info at Lenco Heaven
Rek O KutFor those who…

Vintage Japanese Drivers

One of the main reasons audio lovers have been apprehensive about getting into single ended micro power amps is the relative scarcity of efficient speakers. There are a few decent commercially available units but they are hard to find and audition. DIYers have discovered Fostex drivers which are not cheap but some of their mid-priced models are affordable and represent good value for the money. Prices asked for vintage WE, Altecs, EVs, Jensens and etc. have soared because of the demand from collectors. Another complicating factor is the size of vintage horn systems. Aficonados have also discovered old German radios and consoles from Telefunken, Saba and Siemens.
Vintage Japanese speaker units are just beginning to be appreciated. Prices at eBay for desireable Pioneer and Coral, full range, coaxial and triaxial units are starting to rise due to collectors and SE amp users realizing their merits. Look for old stereo consoles or table top radios and even early solid state models. The logi…