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New York Noise 2000


New York Noise 1999

Amps galore...


Audiomart Audiofest was a swap meet organized by the publisher and supporters of Audiomart. Aside from Hamfests and Radio Shows, this was another source for tubes, transformers, chokes, oil caps, 301, 401, TD124, Altec, JBL, Western Electric, Jensen and etc.
Audiomart lives on as Hifitown
Cherry Hill, NJ  late 90s

I spy a single Altec 755E

Early Bender (son of Walt) showing a mint pair of early silver WE755As

Altec 1567 mic mixer/preamp - highly sought after in Japan

There's my buddy Ding...

...and Chong

Happy hunting!

JE Labs in the 90s

ca. late '92 - ''93
I built my first triode amp - a PP2A3 with a Mullard type driver circuit using octal tubes driving AR M1 speakers. Initially, the amps used Fisher 500B output transformers which were later upgraded.
The modified PAS preamp already had an RCA phono section using Telefunken 12AX7s and a 6SN7 line stage.  B+ and filament supply was provided by a Heathkit tube regulated power supply.

The front end consisted of two belt drive suspension turntables - a Thorens TD150 with a Rega RB250 arm and a Merrill modified AR with a Sumiko Premiere MMT arm. Cartridges were a Grado ZTE + 1 and a Signature 8MZ. FM was provided by a Scott LT110B tuner and a cheap CD player rounded up the source components.

ca. mid '93 -'early '94 I finally got my Spendor LS3/5A shipped from Manila and the PP2A3 monoblock amps were now fitted with Peerless 16309 output transformers. I also tweaked the operating points of the amplifier based on lessons I learned along the way. The…