JE Labs PP2A3

Between '92-'93 I built a few PP2A3s based on the schematic below. Having been impressed with the performance of the Eico HF87 and HF60 amplifier, I thought the driver circuit would do justice to 2A3s.

8 watts Class A

I built these amps on a pair of Heath W4 chassis with intact chokes, power transformers from Scott 99 integrated and Peerless 16309 output transformers from Heath W5 amps. This was my reference amp driving Spendor LS3/5As until I started R&D on SE amps.

Fisher 500B output transformers and HK500 power transformer 

Same iron as above but different chassis layout

ST70 chassis with outboard 2.5V filament transformers


Historically significant PP2A3 amplifier

The Feral Eye

 Featured on the cover of Sound Practices Issue 14

While visiting NYC, I heard this pair of amps in Ding's listening room


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