The 90s - Angela Instruments

I was initially an Angela Instruments customer but when I returned to the USA in '92, Steve hired me as a part-time audio technician while I was working on a DMA degree at University of Maryland. I worked in the shop during catalog making season or when orders piled up.

This 1994 catalog is the earliest copy I found on my bookshelves. Sadly I could not find the one from the previous year ;( 

Steve, taking an order... between orders, he tests tubes or repairs guitars and/or amps.

Susan also takes phone orders but most of the time she looks after the books.

Lots and lots of vintage gear

Those Scott FM mono tuners were difficult to sell in those days without an outboard MPX adapter.

Dyna ST70s galore

Heath W5s and WAP1 mono preamps

Heath A9 integrated amps

Top: 2 x Bogen PP 6L6G mono integrated amps
Bottom: Lafayette KT550 stereo amp designed by Stewart Hegeman. Just like the Citation II, the KT550 is designed for high power and wide bandwidth using lots of feedback loops.

Top: REL Precedent - state of the art tube FM mono tuner. Hooked to a Scott MPX adapter, this would give a Marantz 10B a run for the money. But why? Mono FM sounds great too!
Below: Fairchild Mono preamp, Rauland tuner and integrated amp 

From the other side of the pond, Leak


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