The 90s, Angela Instruments - Audio Note Kits

I took the photos in the above ad with my trusty Pentax K1000 ;)

I probably built at least 2 dozen Kit 1s... 

...and repaired a good number of botched up Kit 1s.

Just delivered a Kit 1 and hooked it up to the in-house system for break in

Not too many Kit 3s (PSE300B - note the HUGE OPT) were brought in by Steve. But I remember assembling at least two pairs. I delivered a pair of Kit 3s to an avid BBC LS3/5A fan in New Jersey. The combination sounded pretty good.

There was a Kit 4 but I never assembled one. I vaguely remember repairing one unit.

The innards of an Audio Note Kit Preamp

Ad in Sound Practices


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